Windows Phone 8.1 Lock Screen App Is In Testing, Launch Soon

Users of the newest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system have been waiting for the lock screen theming application, and we now have confirmation that it will be available very soon.

Not for everyone, though, it appears.

It emerged, around the middle of April that the lock screen theming app would not be included in the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview, and would only be available at a later date. Joe Belfiore, back then, said that he had no idea of the exact release date.

Well, now the Windows Phone chief is back with more details on the matter:

“New lock screen app– probably a couple weeks as beta for 1GB devices. A bunch of us are running it now, working on polish. dev-preview next.”

Obviously, not everyone will be pleased with this news.

The application has been confirmed to only be available for smartphones with 1GB of RAM, and fact is that a large part of the Windows Phone ecosystem is made up of devices with just 512MB of memory.

Microsoft surely wants the lock screen to be fast and snappy, and handset with low amount of memory do not allow for this level of customization and performance at the same time. But there is hope still, as this feature might come to 512MB device, just at a later date.

Good old Belfiore confirmed it himself in a subsequent tweet.