Nothing like some fresh statistics to close the year, and we have some new ones that detail the Windows Phone 8.1 market share. Short version is that things are coming along pretty well.

The long version is available on the AdDuplex website, and the December 2014 numbers reveal that Microsoft’s latest mobile OS now powers no less than 57.9% of all Windows Phones on the market. Likewise, Windows Phone 8 has dropped to 27.1% in these past 30 days.

While these trends do show a fast adaption of Windows Phone 8.1, the vintage old Windows Phone 7 still powers 15% of all devices, and this is one figure that might yet take some time to trim.

Onto hardware, then, and we find that Nokia (or rather Microsoft) holds the lead with 95.51%, HTC follows with 2.76% and the top three is rounded up by Samsung and its 0.98%.

No surprises either, when it comes to devices.

The affordably popular Lumia 520 is still the number one Windows Phone out there in the wild, and probably will remain so for the foreseeable future — unless something major changes.

It has a market share of around 25.4%, meaning one in four.

The Lumia 521 is also a hit in the United States, where it continues to be number one with 22.4%. The Lumia 630 sits in second place with 12.4%, followed closely by, again, Lumia 520 and its 12.2%.

Interesting state of affairs, but then again, this has been the story for the better part of the year for the Windows Phone platform.

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