Windows Phone Market Share

Windows Phone 8.1 Now Powers 39% Of Smartphones

Or rather, Windows Phones. Microsoft’s newest mobile platform is slowly and steadily landing on compatible handsets, and soon enough it will have half the market to its name.

Although available in developer preview form for a while, which millions installed, the newest version of Windows Phone began its official rollout just a few months back the world over. This time around, things are going rather smoothly.

The fine folks over at AdDuplex recently released their data for the month of September, which indicates that Windows Phone 8.1 was running on 39.1% of all devices. On the other hand, the vanilla build, the core Windows Phone 8 powered 45.7% of these.

Windows Phone 7 is still in the game, but only with a share of 15.2%.

According to the company, this data has been collected and analyzed for 4,528 Windows Phone apps.

In terms hardware, we have the Lumia 520 as the king of the hill, and the most popular Lumia smartphone has a 30.6 of the market to its name. However, Lumia 630 has actually scored a rather impressive growth in the past month, proving to be another worldwide hit.

And while Nokia is still the number one maker of Windows Phone handsets, it appears that a few other new OEMs are also making headway. Out of these, Prestigio and Micromax are leading the charge.

Good signs for Microsoft and its mobile ambitions.

  • Mike Greenway

    It worked!, The obviously incorrect headline was incentive enough for me to click, but I feel like I’ve been tricked. Not the best feeling.