Windows Phone 8.1 Official File Manager Tops The Free App Chart

Files, the official file manager for Windows Phone 8.1 that was released some two weeks back, has slowly built its way to the top of the charts on the Windows Store.

It is now the top free application for the platform, and could soon be the most downloaded.

In fact, along with Facebook and Messenger, Files is the most popular application around for Microsoft’s mobile platform. And this denotes two things — one that an official app like this was sorely missing, and secondly, that the solution is very well designed.

More than 4,000 users have reviewed Files on the Windows Phone Store, with the most popular ratings being either 4 or 5. Says a lot about the high quality of the application.

And although there already were some file management solutions available, third-party, but Windows Phone users had been complaining about an official app since the release of Windows Phone 7 all the way back in 2010.

In any case, Files offer similar functionality to many of these unofficial file managers available on the Windows Phone store, including the ability to copy, move, rename and delete files stored on both the phone’s memory and the SD card.

You can download Files for Windows Phone 8.1 here.

  • Markys

    the stupid thing is it wont work on an 8.0 phone. Just another attempt at separating a person from their money because they can. Sure the app is free, but you have to get a whole new phone to use it. #disappointing

    • Slass

      Lol… No. You only have to download the Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview