Although a select few users have already received update notifications, people have been waiting for a global Windows Phone 8.1 rollout. It appears July is, indeed, the month.

After early reports of launch, we got confirmation from the land down under.

But Microsoft is yet to reveal the exact date when the highly anticipated Windows Phone 8.1 update is set to be deployed. However, an interesting comment from Microsoft India aims to set the record straight on the launch frame.

Sure, rollouts depend upon countries and carriers, but this tweet is interesting, nevertheless:

β€œThe Windows Phone 8.1 update will roll out to existing Windows Phone 8 users during the first two weeks of July.”

This above statement probably applies to Windows Phone 8 users in India, but one can expect similar timeframes for users across the globe β€” more so with June very much ending.

Stay tuned for additional details on this.

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  • Ray C

    I already got it. Just bring on Cyan

    • Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod

      I second that motion.

  • Claire R

    Love it! That means this week and next week we can expect it. It’s official now that Microsoft confirmed it.

  • rosco_t

    I’ve had a Lumia phone ever since Windows Phone 8 came out starting with the 920. I now have a 1020 and I love these phones and how they automatically sync everything with my computers. I hate to return to an iPhone, but I might be forced to. I’m already used to the fact that not many app developers develop apps for Windows Phone, but I just bought a 2015 Hyundai Genesis and there is an app available with iPhone & Android that can let me do all kinds of things with my car such as remote start, change A/C settings etc, all from my phone. No app available for my Windows Phone and I have the 8.1 Preview version. Do you think the app developers are going to start making more apps for the Windows Phone? I love it and really don’t want to change back to IPhone but may have to. There’s just too much I can’t do on it compared to iPhone and I refuse to own an Android.