Good news for the Windows Phone platform, as the newest version, while still rolling out globally now accounts for more than half. Windows Phone 8.1 market share now sits at 50.8%.

That is, according to the statistics provided by AdDuplex.

If the rest of the upgradable user base is also included, the 33.5% that are running Windows Phone 8 vanilla, then we’re looking at a total 84% of the ecosystem that is on the newer versions of Microsoft’s mobile platform.

The charts:

AdDuplex Windows Phone November 2014

AdDuplex Windows Phone November 2014

The situation has not altered much as far as the manufacturers are concerned.

Microsoft still accounts for some 95% of all Windows Phone devices out there, and that is as intimidating a number as any. Funny thing is that it’s still going up. Wonder when it stops and hits the reverse gear, but at least some new members joined the Windows Phone party recently.

It probably will take a while for local OEMs to register themselves here, keeping in mind the fact that the three amigos, HTC, Samsung and Huawei are going nowhere.

Still that 0.14% titled ‘Others’ will climb up one day or another, that’s for sure.

Right now, it’s probably pretty crowded.

And when it comes to devices, low end and midrange devices continue their domination. The ‘Other’ piece of the pie here has gone over the 30% mark, gratefully, but handsets like the Lumia 520, 521, 625, 630 and 635 still rule the roost.

Well, at least the latter two models are making a run for the top.

About time, too.

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