One thing is certain. 2014 is shaping up to be a landmark year for Microsoft’s mobile operating platform, Windows Phone 8, both in terms of market share and the features that it will receive.

Now when it comes to the latter, one feature that fans of Windows Phone have been waiting for is a file manager — so far the mobile platform does not come with one. But Windows Phone Blue, it seems, could change this.

This actually was one feature that was very high up in public demand.

The Windows Phone page on the User Voice website has a request for this feature to be included in the platform with many users commenting and asking for its inclusion. And interestingly, the request for this feature to be included in the platform has now been marked as complete.

As noted on the above mentioned page:

“This feature is now available in Windows Phone 8. And as always, if you think this feature or any other feature needs improvement be sure to create new product suggestions so we can track them all and other users can vote on your ideas.”

No further details are provided, by the way.

And while there are voice that claim we might see this new enhancement in the Update 3 release of Windows Phone 8 that is set for a rollout in the coming weeks, there is more of a chance that it would be pushed to Windows Phone 8.1 — features like this need more fine tuning and testing.

But the good news here is that Microsoft is really listening to, and accommodating, user feedback.

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