Windows Phone 8 Advertising is Now in Full Swing

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 advertising campaign is in full swing now. We are seeing tons of stars showing off their new Lumia 920 handsets in various commercials and now even the UK’s James Corden is jumping into the advertising game. Up until now, the ads had mostly been focused on North American celebrities— so this is a good change if Microsoft wants to reach out to other markets more effectively.

The advertisement doesn’t just flash the actor around, it’s real focus is the personalization aspects of the phone and live tile arrangement itself.

What do you think of this latest ad? Hungry for more Windows Phone 8 ads? Don’t worry, there is certainly more. Here’s one with Jessica Alba showing off “Kid’s corner”:

And yet another with Gwen Stefani, again focuses on live tiles in Windows Phone 8:

This is just the beginning of a massive campaign, folks. Is it paying off? So far the Lumia 920 has barely made its way out of the gate but it is already reportedely sold out in many different markets at various retailers. That’s certainly a good sign. Are you excited about Windows Phone 8 or not?