Windows Phone 8 hasn’t been around very long but we are already hearing rumors of about an upcoming update that will fill a few holes in Windows Phone 8 and add a couple of new features along the way.

There have also been a few glitches regarding rebooting and battery life that might also be bundled into this rumored update, called “Apollo+”. So when is it coming?

Officially, we have no clue that it even exists. Microsoft sure isn’t telling us anything about it, but trusted source @Football4PDA tweeted a claim that the new update will arrive sometime in early 2013. Why is this source trusted?

This was the same leaker that gave us HTC 8x press images way before the official launch, proving that they aren’t just making stuff up here.

What’s new in Apollo+? According to the verge, there might be fixes to allow always-on connections, VPN support, audio improvements and much more.

As for when Microsoft will actually officially confirm its existence? Don’t be surprised if this surfaces in February at Mobile World Congress.

For those still waiting for an update to their older Windows Phone 7 devices, it is worth noting that even though Microsoft hasn’t given us the full scope— you can upgrade now, if you are willing to do a little modding.

Or, you can keep waiting patiently.

Are you a user of Windows Phone 8? What do you think of the OS so far?

Do you like it, or are there some big flaws (like rebooting issues?) that you fill need to be addressed before you can truly make the most out of the OS?

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  1. I use a Lumia 920 on ATT. It is one of the best phone I ever had. So far it didnt give me any reboot or other issues. Constantly getting approximately 2 days of battery life.

  2. using an HTC 8x. Love it, so far. Has a little different feel when typing, but will get used to that. Had one thing that seemed to be missing. When I used maps and asked for directions, I used to be able to tap the map and it would give me audible directions. Doesn’t do that, now. Not sure why.

  3. would be nice if windows phone 8 had a file manager. using the sd card only for photos and music is a wast of space.

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