Windows Phone 8 Devices will have Access to Millions of Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

Windows Phone 8 represents a major improvement all around from Windows Phone 7. Not only is the new start screen much more attractive, the technology inside is no longer based on CE and instead has the same NT-based heart as it’s big brothers Windows 8 and Windows RT. What could make Windows Phone 8 even better? What about the ability to access millions of Wi-Fi hotspots?

Microsoft is teaming up with Devicescape to offer special software that works with Devicescape’s massive database of Wi-Fi hotspots and will work alongside Microsoft’s Datasense feature. Between switching to these Wi-Fi spots and the data-compression feature, Microsoft estimates you can do more than 45% extra surfing before reaching your cap.

While free Wi-Fi connectivity is never an unwelcome idea, this particular system isn’t without its faults. First, most of these Wi-Fi connections are in the United States, so this feature has limited usefulness internationally. Interestingly enough, Microsoft did a similar US-only Windows Phone 8 move by offering Pandora access free even though its a US-only service.

What’s the other flaw? For now you will have to manually connect to these hotspots when you see them, though Microsoft is working to give the software the ability to automatically switch to these networks without any other interaction on the user’s part.

What do you think of the announcement? For now it’s hard to say who this will affect, but if you are in a modest-sized or larger U.S. City, you are likely going to find the new free Wi-Fi service of use.

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  • Catherine Montes

    Quite interesting news. But I am worried about the automatic switching of WiFi will it be secure??? I think user interaction on switching this is much secure.

  • Lucy Whatley

    Quiet excited and eager to know will this be available over Canada?? I am from Canada will this technology work over Canada if yes when>? Thanks for the news though.

  • Madeline J.

    Yes I think for a start up they make start preparing and testing over USA. Then they may expand this to countries like UK, Canada where Wifi hot-spots are available.

  • Garcia Cynthia

    Really will be looking forward to this kind of technology. If this is going to be released soon competitors are going to loose lum sum customers.