Windows Phone 8 evidence showing up in Windows 8 registry?


The screenshot above is taken from the mydigitallife forums.

Speculation is now rife on the web that there is evidence in the Windows 8 registry that the next version of Windows Phone – Windows Phone 8 – will run on the NT kernel.

In the registry (above) one of the versions of Windows 8 whichs shows up is PhoneNT. Websites are speculating that due to this settings absence in the Windows 8 Developer Preview, this must mean it’s a reference to Apollo support.

Hard to say. This is a clue but is hardly slam dunk evidence.

If adopted, the Windows 8 kernel will allow Microsoft to support a much wider set of technologies, including external storage, USB Host and a much wider range of processors and screen resolutions in Windows Phone 8.

It’ll be fun to see how this one plays out.

  • Sbates1712

    could be quite good if they allow the kernel to host other processors and especially if it comes under NT and allows appolo support cause it was steve ballmer gave us a hint that it would have support for multi-core processors, four different screen resolutions, microSD storage, and even Near Field Communication (NFC) support for mobile payments, so even if part of that is true it should be quite an amazing phone of which i might want to get my hands on one to try out for size and use.