While the slow update pace of the Windows Phone platform, well Windows Phone 8 actually, leaves a bit to be desired, Microsoft does indeed have enough on its plate when it comes to testing the planned updates on various devices.

Windows Phone 8 GDR2, for instance, has just started to roll out on some select few unlocked devices, but all customers should be getting this new update soon enough.

But the good news is that the strange little storage bug in Windows Phone 8 is finally nailed.

The issue was found a while ago, whereby the operating system suffered from a strange problem that resulted in a phone’s internal memory being eaten up by the cached data — from email, videos, documents, images, browser files, games, and whatnot.

Now it appears that an upcoming OS upgrade will resolve this pesky little problem for good.

The information comes straight from Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore who posted on Twitter that:

“Don’t worry: non-deleted large files (XAPs, eg) that caused ‘other’ storage issues were fixed in GDR2. on all 1020s.”

In fact, the latest smartphones powered by Microsoft’s mobile platform like the Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 (both of which are powered by Windows Phone 8 General Distribution Release 2) are said to be no longer affected by this bug.

And this essentially means that the problem will soon be resolved on all other Windows Phone 8 handsets as soon as the GDR2 update is applied. Nokia and other Windows Phone partners are currently said to be testing the update, and it is expected to go live around the world starting next month.

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  1. dannymasincupp / July 30, 2013 at 7:06 am /Reply

    The statement you made .. Microsoft *does have enough on their plate* over extended .. that is *NO* excuse for a company of their caliber , if they put a product on the market with their name on it .. it should be 100% , but it seems as you say , so much on their plate , with Microsoft knowing that , there is poor planning – to me it is saying – we don’t know how to do our job .. It seems that lately they are playing .. catch up , in fixing an inferior product they put on the market , yes they are doing the right thing is scaling back a lot of their programs .. *PROGRAMs* .. not improving on the quality of their products .. they try to send out fix’s after the fact in a lengthy manner that is getting the marketable people thinking towards other products .. over extending .. is a statement saying we just don’t know how to do our job .. it’s not an excuse that is acceptable anymore with all the competition that is out there .. if you can’t , someone else can:

    • I completely agree. However, it is not as much about developing new features for Windows Phone, it’s the testing and compatibility that is creating problems for the team. Hence the enough on their plate remark. that’s no excuse though, and surely not when the competition in the mobile arena is as tough as it is.

      Also the company took a few missteps along the way, Windows CE, Windows Mobile and even Windows Phone 7 should (and could) have been avoided. Costly adventures, some ahead of their time, others after the ship had sailed.

      But yeah, can’t find an inch of disagreement in what you said, there is no room for poor planning.

  2. Peter Van Quaethem / August 2, 2013 at 11:30 pm /Reply


    I am happy to see that finally, their is a fix for the storage problem, but how do I install it? I have 32KB of free storage available, 1,29 GB blocked in the other storage, 276MB apps but no music, video or pictures. When I start the update download, it says I need to make 524MB of storage available for the update!!
    I have an SD card with almost 4GB of free storage, but I can not configure the phone to use it.

    Kind regards,

    • Not 100% sure on this, but I reckon I read somewhere that Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update requires a clean install and users are asked to backup their data first.

      Maybe someone else can chip in with details, but I’d suggest looking into a fresh, clean install.

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