Some file formats are immortal. They never die. The now classic .wav file is one such format, still famous among audiophiles. But this vintage format is also used in several voicemail systems.

And it seems that the upcoming Windows Phone 8 GDR2 packs in expanded support for this file format.

The update flavor of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8 GDR2 (General Distribution Release 2) has just started landing on compatible devices, though judging by how things are progressing, it may still take a while for the international rollout to complete.

But recent reports suggest that the update will bring improved support for .wav files.

These codec enhancements are outlined here, and it appears that the latest flavor of the mobile OS is capable of playing compressed .wav files thanks to its support for Ulaw and GSM6.10 codecs — both of which enable audio to be squeezed into smaller files.

This makes it a popular option in voicemail systems, as said above.

Obviously, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 offered support for these codecs, but Windows Phone 8, owing to its completely new nature, did not. Meaning many users found their voicemail systems to be unsupported.

But the good news is that this changes in GDR2.

The table above shows in detail a comparison of the codec support on the Nokia Lumia 720 (powered by Windows Phone 8 GDR1) and the Nokia Lumia 925 (running Windows Phone 8 GDR2).

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