Windows Phone 8 is coming to Verizon

A new leaked image from the Evleaks Twitter account shows off a Nokia Lumia phone for Verizon.

Apparently, Verizon is preparing to carry a Lumia 820 variant codenamed Atlas, and that an announcement could be made within days.

It is widely believed that this could be the previously leaked Lumia 822 device that was meant to be heading to Verizon.

These phones should be available later this month for pre-order.

  • voleheart

    that is ugly. but i am hoping for a 920 to come

    • Conor Raypholtz

      it will be the 922 , 920 is at&t notice though the 22 is higher than 20 which suggests the 922 is the actual flagship phone.

      • voleheart

        excellent point