For some consumers, there is nothing better that unity of platforms. Having all iOS devices, all Windows devices or Android devices is the best route for these types of individuals.

Others like to mix things up a bit and go with whatever they think works best, regardless of the OS/ecosystem in place for that device. I consider myself a member of this group, owning Android, Windows and even iOS/Mac devices from time to time.

Unfortunately, these different platforms don’t always play that nicely together. This is why it is great to see that the newly announced NFC features supported in Windows Phone 8 will somewhat work with Android.

The new “tap + send” features in Windows Phone 8 will allow you to transfer your Windows Phone 8 contacts and links to your other Android devices or even to a friend/family member’s device with relative ease through NFC.

The only downside is that data transfers are NOT cross-platform at the moment. This means no photos or other data can be sent to Android devices from Windows Phone 8 NFC.

Could this change in the future? It is hard to say. While cross-platform data transfer is possible, it probably isn’t a priority at the moment.

This is the beauty of using more open technologies instead of the proprietary route. While proprietary technologies and protocols tend to give companies – like Apple for example – more control over accessories and other aspects, they also mean less compatibility for households or businesses that are cross-platform.

What do you think of Windows Phone 8’s new NFC features? Is NFC a big deal to you, or are you not really sold on the technology just yet?

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