Windows Phone 8 is almost here in the United States, and with that in mind Microsoft has taken to its Windows Phone blog to announce a few new features coming to the Windows Phone Store.

For starters, there is now the addition of “Collections”. As you can probably guess right from the name, these are a series of apps (six or more) organized around a common theme. They are handpicked by experts at Microsoft and will constantly be refreshed to make sure the best and most relevant apps are found in these collections.

There are 450 collections already coming to 19 different Windows Phone markets, and more is in the works.

Microsoft also bringing many great new games to the Windows Phone platform, two of which are the highly popular “Cut the Rope” and “Angry Birds Space”. Best of all, these two apps are only 99 cents. Interestingly enough, you can even get “Cut the Rope” for Windows Phone 7 devices now.

Is that it? Nope, the blog also mentions new family-friendly features and personalized recommendations. The personal recommendations will basically track what you’ve downloaded in the past, what your Facebook friends are downloading and other trends to recommend specific apps for you.

The store’s makeover also is said to be much family-friendlier this time around with apps that seem to have sexual contents and suggestions being pushed back and made less prominent. That doesn’t mean they aren’t still there, it is just harder for young ones to accidentally see and discover them.

They also have a “My Family” site that will allow parents to decide when/if your kids can buy apps and what game ratings they are allowed to play on their Windows Phone 8 devices.

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  • Carolina


  • Carolina

    When’s it coming out?

  • Joshua Carr

    Would be real nice to play Angry Birds on Windows Phone 8.

  • Bill Burnett

    Would be nice to see the family filter feature.