Windows Phone 8 unified Kernel? – Not so fast

Last week there was a flurry of activity on blogs saying that the Windows Phone 8 platform would probably share a common kernel with the Windows 8 Client.

It was exciting because the potential benefits were huge – a common platform that enabled a shared experience across multiple Windows 8 platforms.

Well, not so fast.

The Register is reporting that the news was more of an indication of a “blueprint” or strategic direction that Microsoft was exploring.

Their quote:

Sources close to Microsoft have confirmed the veracity of last week’s Windows Phone leaks – but say no decision has been taken to base the mobile platform on the Windows 8 kernel.

The information that leaked last week concerns ‘Apollo’, the next-but-one release of Windows Phone. It’s all genuine, but should be thought of as more of a blueprint, a wish-list, than a concrete roadmap, say sources. In particular, the decision to throw out the 15-year-old Windows CE kernel in favour of the even older Windows NT/XP/Vista/7 kernel has not been finalised.

Anyone with experience of Microsoft platforms over the years – from Chicago to Longhorn – will know that ‘blueprints’ are typically aspirational. The reality often under-delivers.

They got this directly from Microsoft so it’s an interesting cautionary note.

Stay tuned.