Just for a little background, I currently use a Samsung Galaxy S2 Android-based smartphone. I am the type of user that appreciates all the different platforms and what they have to offer, but at the time Android just fit into what I needed the best and honestly was one of the only options via my carrier. That being said, I’ve always been curious about switching to Windows Phone.

With the introduction of several new WP8 devices and the word that Verizon will actually carry some of them– I’m all the more interested again. Still, it is hard to become that excited about Windows Phone 8, try as I might. I think Windows Phone 7 looked great and had a fair amount of apps, but there is a lot of “unknowns” with Windows Phone 8.

Does that mean I’m not interested? Actually I’m very curious. What are they hiding? Is it a game-changer in the mobile world?

Microsoft has been very coy with how they handle Windows Phone 8. They haven’t really let tech journalists get their hands on the hardware, they have been extremely restrictive with the SDK as well. Why? Is the ground going to shatter at the Windows Phone 8 launch event?

While I hope so, I’m not sure. For one thing, so close to an announcement, shouldn’t we be getting ads that entice us to think about Windows Phone 8, like what is starting to surface with Windows 8? Releasing a product or OS doesn’t sell it. You need to make it sexy, make us want it, make us feel like we will die without it.

What is Microsoft hiding with Windows Phone 8?

So where is the Windows Phone 8 hype? Okay, the tech circles have talked about it some and we’ve seen a few cool phones, but no real proof from the OS itself.

Here are a few things we know about Windows Phone 8:

  • It won’t have many native WP8 apps from day one (negative)
  • It will have syncing capabilities with Windows 8
  • It shares the NT core with traditional Windows
  • It has some new sizes and configurations for tiles
  • MicroSD, multiple core support, etc.
  • It’s UI is slightly tweaked overall

We’ve seen pictures and we have an idea of what Windows Phone 8 will bring, but we’ve yet to see the whole thing in action with video demos or true hands-on experiences. I am personally hoping that Microsoft will shock us with some killer features that they felt they needed to keep hush-hush.

Part of me fears that all Microsoft is going to do is quietly release it, say “there is tons of new improvements under the hood, but no learning curve!” or something. Even with Windows 8 integration features, Windows Phone 8 needs something fresh and new if it is going to have a bigger impact than Windows Phone 7 did.

Remember, Windows Phone 7 was a good OS, but most of the general public never gave it a chance. Can Microsoft turn the tide here? What do you expect to see with Windows Phone 8? Any guesses as to why they are being so secretive about the newest version of the mobile OS? Am I reading to much into this? What do you think?

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