Windows Phone Aiming For Enterprise Supremacy By 2015

The business sector is one area where Windows Phone has loads of potential, but the paradigm shift with Windows Phone 8 meant Microsoft lost track of the enterprise market.

They are now trying to regain momentum with the release of Windows Phone Enterprise Feature Pack.

And while competing platforms may have other markets cornered, they are still found lacking in the business domain. Android with its fragmentation and security issues, and iOS with high prices and a distinct lack of options.

This is why Leila Martine, the UK Director for Windows Phone said that Microsoft is ready to push the platform further, and wants to dominate the B2B market by the middle of next year.

Essentially becoming the most used mobile operating system by emprises by the middle of 2015.

According to the executive, Microsoft currently enjoys around 18% of the UK enterprise market, which is good enough for second place. Apple still leads the charge here, with substantial figures of 35%.

Pushing for dominance in both the enterprise sector and the low end market seems like a good strategy to have the platform graduate from a distant third choice to a very viable alternative in the highly competitive mobile world.

Great to see Microsoft has its priorities right in this regard.

  • Ray C

    It’s the only platform that makes sense

    • Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod

      I agree. You can go high end with devices made in house. Or low end like the Lumia 520. Office 365 is a great buy also. Google apps are nice, but you need some other things like a website host to get additional services.

    • Phil2

      I’m with you. Since the demise of Blackberry. It’s pretty obvious (to me at least) that Windows Phone is the platform that makes the most sense to take over.

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