Not many may recall it, but both Microsoft and Nokia made the low-end segment of the market their priority earlier this year. The two companies pegged the market for affordable smartphones as the key for future growth.

And as the AdDuplex data for the month of November shows, both companies are on to something.

The low-end continues to be the absolute driving force behind the overall success of the Windows Phone platform, helping it in achieving and solidifying its position as the third largest mobile ecosystem., Redmond’s mobile platform has gained a significant amount of users in the process.

But one factor that has been rather constant these past few months in these AdDuplex reports is the absolute and unchallenged reign of the Lumia 520 (and Lumia 521 in the US).

This is the bestselling Windows Phone device by a large margin, and currently commands a notable 26.5 percent of the pie to its name. It is followed by another affordable handset, the Lumia 620, which finds itself powering some 8.6 percent of devices worldwide.

In terms of Windows Phone manufacturers, Nokia is the reigning king with a clear 90 percent of all devices carrying its logo. In fact, its recently released phablet, the Lumia 1520, has actually managed to break in at the 19th place just days after launch.

Maybe a promise of big things to come, who knows?

In any case, while not many would have envisioned such numbers towards the end of the year, and judging by how things are going, Microsoft’s mobile OS is well set to continue its ascent in 2014.

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