Windows Phone Developers Can Now Respond To App Reviews

Windows Phone 8.1 has brought a fancy stream of new features, but it also streamlines current traits of the ecosystem. Microsoft, for instance, have just kicked off a new pilot program.

The company talked about this at the recently concluded BUILD 2014 conference.

Basically, it allows application developers the ability to respond to user reviews. Only a select few developers have been included in this trial run, but the software titan confirms that more will be able to do this in the weeks to come.

This blog post reveals the phased rollout of this new program:

Developers will now be able to reply to reviews of their Windows Phone application straight from the Dev Center, and users, on the other hand, will receive these comments via email. They will also get the ability to contact the developers directly.

It must be said that this new addition comes with great responsibility. Think phone call on live TV, for example. Microsoft talks about this, saying:

“This capability is not to be used for marketing and does not provide you as the developer with the user’s personal information, such as an email address.

Please keep in mind users may report developers who abuse this feature through the Report Concern form (accessible also from app details, shown below). If misused, Microsoft will revoke developer access.”

Sounds perfectly logical.

Having said that, developers and end users both should find this open communication channel beneficial. And it just might go a long way in helping increase the quality of apps available for Windows Phone, and consequently Windows, too.

Client and customer feedback is right up there with the most important things in any business, after all.