AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless are cozying up to Microsoft Corp. and Nokia facing concerns that Apple Inc. and Google Inc. have too tight a grip on the market for smartphone software.

Both carriers praised Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, which runs the new Nokia Lumia phone when they reported quarterly results this month.

It seems like both companies are looking to Microsoft to provide an alternative to Apple’s iPhone and Google Android handsets.

This is due to the high cost of those products to subsidize, especially the iPhone.

“We want the Lumia to succeed — we love to have competition in the handset market,” AT&T Chief Financial Officer John Stephens said in an interview. “It’s always better to have more choices for your customers.”

The Apple iPhone made up 78 percent of AT&T’s smartphone sales in the first quarter. At Verizon, the product accounted for 51 percent.

This is great news for Microsoft. If they can get the phone companies genuinely enthusiastic about the Windows Phone products, it might be an interesting horse race.

Windows Phone is definitely still an underdog but this is at least a small sign of hope…

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  1. Good news for Apple fans and fanboys/fangirls. This is going to drive the prices down!

  2. Verizon and AT&T do not have a choice. With the coming of W8 it is expected that WP will get a real boost. Missing out on this boom will leave them out of the play, with especially PC vendors profiting from W8 (PC, tablets and phones). Furthermore I think they are afraid of Microsoft. With the acquisition of Skype Microsoft will be able to give enterprises and consumers the possibility to make VOIP calls, costing callers next to nothing. AT&T and Verizon see Microsoft as a threat and don’t have a choice but to join the Windows bandwagon. AT&T was never enthousiastic about Microsofts Skype acquisition. Microsoft will bide it’s time for now, but once Skype grows to more than a few billion users worldwide across all devices, Microsoft will surely build out the possibility to become a full fledged Telecom company, able to compete with AT&T on a world scale. W8 already is developed with Skype capabilities to call directly from one computer to the other or across devices. Investments in integrating Skype and Linc means the enterprise world will be dominated by Skype-Linc. M
    MS Tellco is coming.

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