Windows Phone GDR3 To Bring Quick Settings And Individual Volume Controls

Make way for another Windows Phone GDR3 rumor. Microsoft seems rather earnest in bringing new features and options for the upcoming General Distribution Release 3 update for its mobile platform.

The company has been a bit under fire for the slow pace, but with Windows Phone Blue pushed to next year, it seems only logical to add as many features to the forthcoming platform upgrade.

Windows Phone GDR2 is currently rolling out worldwide, and now it seems that the GDR3 update will now come with important features. A recent report even went as far to suggest that this update may well bring a Notifications Center.

And now WPDang has reiterated these claims, thanks to their unnamed source, while also adding that individual volume controls and a feature called Quick Settings may also make the cut with GDR3.

Separate volume controls have been one of the most requested of features ever since the launch of Windows Phone 7, along with an orientation lock and easy access to basic settings like WiFi and Bluetooth. It appears that we are now closer than ever to seeing this on Window Phone.

Obviously this is another rumor for now, and there is no guarantee we might see all these abovementioned new features show up in the GDR3 update this year.

Features are continuously added and removed from firmware upgrades like these, and unless it is official from Microsoft, it is best not to get too excited. Fingers crossed, we have some concrete information on this by September.