Games exclusive to Windows Phone are few and far between, but a fine new title just launched for Microsoft’s mobile platform in the form of Deflector.

Developed by the same talented team behind the notable hit Chronology: Time Changes Everything, which we covered here, this new game is a retro inspired arcade title that offers quick pick up and play action with engaging gameplay.

You are tasked with defending Earth from elements headed for collision with the planet — elements like asteroids and comets, even aliens. The scope is vast, the controls and gameplay delightfully simple.

The official description lays it down straight:

“Earth is threatened from the skies above. Take command of the Deflector Weapon System, a means to save us from all the horrors from the great beyond. Asteroids, comets and aliens are on a collision course with Earth from every angle.

Take control of the planet and rotate it as you spot in the incoming threats and must eliminate them. A multitude of tools are at your disposal from deflector shields, missiles and laser beams. Earth must be protected, no matter the cost.”

In terms of visuals, again, the game keeps it minimal. The enemy ships, incoming rocks and the resulting explosions are clean and crisp. Throwback Entertainment deliver on the concept, however, more depth in terms of more modes will make things more engaging.

Maybe even the inclusion of some wacky characters?

And surely universal binaries so that it can be played on Windows 8 devices too. All this hopefully arrives in the form of a future upgrade. For what it is, a simple arcade game, Deflector does provide for a good time. Available now as a free title for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1.

You can download Deflector from the Windows Phone Store here.

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