What happens when a company forsakes its app and does not update it in months? It is usually abandoned. And this is the case with the Glance Background app for Windows Phone.

Nokia have confirmed that they will not be updating the popular application any more.

The app has moved out of beta, though, and currently sits at version And although it will not receive any other updates in the future, it will still be available on the Windows Phone Store for the foreseeable future.

This is what the company had to say on the matter:

“We want to thank all of you that have used Glance Background Beta and sent us feedback during this beta trial. It has clearly been a popular feature. Although we aren’t expecting to update this specific beta app any further, we continue to explore ways to improve glance screen capabilities in general.

At this time, we will conclude the Glance Background beta trial at Nokia Beta Labs, but keep the app available in Store ‘as is’ for you to enjoy.”

Glance Background allows Windows Phone users to bring their photos and images on the phone to the lock screen. Up to 4 images could be chosen for the background, and the application also came with an editor to customize the photos.

The application as launched last year as a beta build, but no updates had been released for it. One can always hope Microsoft picks up the development, farfetched as it sounds.

You can take a look at Glance Background on the Windows Phone Store here.

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  • busybee

    Seems like a pretty cool app and concept. However, I’ve never heard of it, which is probably why they stopped updating. Just a lack of popularity or recognition.

  • CaraMa

    Honestly, I’ve never used it, so maybe it is a good app, but it looks pretty simple and pointless from what I see and read here. Don’t think it’s something anyone will miss.

  • Yorker

    Awww I used to love this! Admittedly, I stopped using it recently, but it’s definitely an app I’m sad to see go. Hopefully, something similar and better will replace it.