Windows Phone growth has been a topic of interest to many in the mobile world, and the platform has been negatively affected at just the exact time when it could do without this slowdown.

Factors like the delay in launch of Windows Phone 8.1, the accompanying handsets, and the purchase of the Nokia devices and services unit by Microsoft stunted growth of the fledgling platform in the past year or so. However, things were finally looking up.

Now, though, this momentum has slowed down — at least in Europe.

The latest market share data provided by Kantar reveals that the debut of new iPhone models has not just affected sales but interest in Windows Phone and Android devices across key markets.

September 2014 really ruffled things up, and Windows Phone lost around 2% of users in the period between August and October 2014.

Sure, the iPhone 6 is not the only reason for this decline, but a major one.

Kantar Windows Phone iPhone Launch

A significant drop was recorded in the United Kingdom, where Windows Phone dipped by 4.3%, dropping from 12% in October last year to just 7.7% this. Similar was the case in almost every other major European market.

Speaking of markets, China, the biggest mobile market in the world still remains unconquered for Microsoft. Windows Phone has a measly 0.5% share of the local market there.

On home turf, Microsoft’s mobile platform powers only 3.6% of smartphones in America.

However, Italian users have really taken to Windows Phone, where the platform now accounts for a notable 13.8% of devices in the country. One of the few markets, then, where Microsoft’s operating system beats Apple iOS, which is in third place with 13.5%.

Big things are expected form Italy.

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