Windows Phone Is Still Behind BlackBerry In The UK

Windows Phone Is Still Behind BlackBerry In The UK

Formerly known as RIM, BlackBerry has had a troubling couple of years. Its current market share stands at an abysmal 0.8% worldwide, and is expected to tumble even further in the near future.

But surprisingly, BlackBerry is still the preferred choice for consumers in the United Kingdom — over Windows Phone, that is. There is a reason why the UK is considered BlackBerry’s forte, after all, and these new insights are further proof of this fact.

A recent graph from Kantar, shared by Charles Arthur (The Guardian’s technology editor) shows that Windows Phone is actually behind BlackBerry when it comes to market share in this region.

This, despite the fact that Windows Phone has been growing steadily these past several quarters.

Not in all parts of the globe, it seems.

The graph actually shows consumer interest in mobile operating systems over the past ten years, from March 2004 to March 2014, and it provides a good idea of how things have shaped up in the decade.

Windows (in this case, Windows Mobile) and BlackBerry were leaders in the smartphone space at the very start, but they are now far behind both Android and iOS. And the most fascinating thing here is that Microsoft’s mobile platform is still the fourth most popular platform in the United Kingdom.

While BlackBerry retains the third position.

Nevertheless, the company is fast running out of options, and with the release of Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft is sure to mount a heavy challenge in, what is, a very important region.

  • Jen

    Interesting. I think Blackberry still offers a lot of good features, so I’m not totally shocked. On the other hand, I think Windows Phone will pass Blackberry soon enough in the UK.

  • porteroget

    I believe that blackberry10 is the best operating system out and with more updates on the way. It has many good features And strong security. I believe it will gain Ground over time.