That sinking feeling! It’s quite remarkable seeing Windows Phone sales continue around the world, even as it is known that mobile is no longer that much of a priority for Microsoft.

Sure, the company continues to launch new mobile preview builds, even though they are not really from the Redstone branch. And Redmond continues to push new versions of the apps and services for its mobile OS, like it’s business as usual.

Only it isn’t.

Microsoft is now looking at another entry point in mobile, perhaps with the mythic Surface Phone, perhaps way down the road.

In the meantime, the technology giant is also involved in getting Windows 10 on ARM ready for action.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the Windows Phone market share has been nosediving across the globe. The latest figures from Kantar show that Microsoft’s mobile platform has slide to just 1% in the United Kingdom, down from 4.3% a year before.

These numbers are for the three-month period that ended July 2017, by the way.

Similar, or worse, picture is painted across the rest of the major markets, with all regions showing a minus in the percentage change column. Even Japan, which was the last to show a minor increase in market share a couple of months back.

IDC already forecasted a very steep decline this year for Windows Phone, and this latest information is nothing new.

Just another sinking confirmation of what we already know.

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