According to Strategy Analytics, that is. Microsoft’s mobile operating platform is going through a rather interesting phase right now, with new models, increasing consumer interest, and overall acceptance.

But the past few months have really dampened things up.

The lack of new models, due to the delay in release of Windows Phone 8.1, has taken its toll on the adoption rate of the OS, and as things stand that rate is not exactly high enough to positively influence the global market share.

According to the latest Strategy Analytics numbers, Windows Phone ended Q2 with only a 2.7% market share — significantly down from the 3.8% of smartphones that it powered at the end of the same period a year ago. So no increase, instead, a notable dip in portion.

As the research firm puts it:

“Microsoft Windows Phone continued to struggle in the United States and China, and its global smartphone market share fell from 4 percent in Q2 2013 to just 3 percent during Q2 2014.”

No wonder Microsoft puts so much emphasis on the US and China markets.

Other mobile platforms also registered negative trends, with both iOS and BlackBerry declining in numbers. Only Android had a reason to smile. Or laugh, for that matter.

Total smartphone shipments for Q2 2014 came in at 295.2 million, out of which 84.6% percent were Android handsets. Around 11.9% were powered by iOS, and BlackBerry was loaded on 0.6% devices.

Speaking of which, while the adoption rate of smartphones is still very high in regions like Africa and Asia, things seem to have slowed down in Europe and North America. In fact, hardware growth slowed down to 27% this past quarter, down from 49% this time last year.

Sign of things to come, perhaps.

Nevertheless, Microsoft would want to radically improve upon the 8.0 million units shipped that ran Windows Phone figure in the past quarter, in order to build up momentum.

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  1. I still have hope it will take a big part of market. I mean, it is now part of Windows PC, several major companies are creating apps, it is Nokia’s quality… it only takes customers to let their Samsungs apart and testing a Lumia (or HTC, or huawei, whatever)… and vendors to not bash WP claiming “you will buy this, but won’t have instagram. Lagdroig is heaven” (at least in Brazil they do this)

    • I think you’re right. This next year or so will be make or break for the Windows Phone. If Nokia, the PC connection, and other new innovations doesn’t make this grow, then nothing will.

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  3. They’ll be fine after the 8.1 Update 1 handsets come out, and they’ll grow even more after each GDR and Threshold. Microsoft just needs to make sure they keep up in the feature race, and add some things the others don’t have

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