The lost year? Microsoft’s mobile platform is back where it began. Kantar Worldpanel have revealed that Windows Phone market share in Europe is still, shall we say, motley.

Fans of the platform did not have much in terms of new smartphones this past year, with the result being that Windows Phone increased its market share in a few countries, while decreasing in others. A mixed bag, if ever there was one.

The figures in the US are still troubling, mind you, with just a 0.1% change in twelve months.

Italy, Spain and the UK are the markets where Windows Phone is doing better, but lost momentum in important countries like Germany, France means that the platform has a lot of covering up to do. Things also dipped in Australia, Mexico and China.

Take a look:


You may have noticed that the market research firm has stopped quoting separate percentages for BlackBerry in recent months, but the rest of the mobile market is still in an upheaval.

Android is running amok in almost all notable markets.

Only Spain has started to vote in the favor of Windows Phone where Android sales declined by 2.9%. And when you have places where Google’s platform has made outwardly gains, like 11.4% up in the United States and 17.6% in Mexico, the robot is almost unstoppable.

Consequently iOS is at a disadvantage too, reclining negative 11.8% in the US, and around half this amount in several other markets like Italy, Mexico and China.

The world is green, too green.

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  1. I do think Microsoft wasted a year, but some of that is out of their control. They took way too long to get 8.1 and Update 1 for Windows Phone, and it’s still not out to every one. Then the new phones are either just coming out or not out yet. I haven’t even seen much Windows Phone advertising lately. The next 12 months Microsoft needs to make a big push

    • Heard of Developer Preview, quick updates fast push as Apple’s OTA, so don’t give me that rubbish talk, and more than 12% are on WP8./UPDATE 1 with Lumia Cyan update pushing everyday and weekly to all markets for dominating nokia devices and rolling out continuously, way faster than Android adoption with their versions.

  2. Seems Lumia brand went to sleep after acquired by MS.

    • sleep more like you went to sleep, did you read the news lately, good start of modest sales 5.8 million between April-June after the acquisition of Nokia, under Microsoft Mobile division. I wouldn’t say “sleep”

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