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Another milestone. Windows Phone mobile web usage has just now crossed another important landmark, overtaking the Symbian operating platform for the first time.

Microsoft is, obviously, getting ready to unleash two new Windows Phone devices.

But the platform took a while to gather up enough steam to surpass the mobile web usage from Symbian based devices. It was only last month that the web usage on Microsoft’s mobile platform came in higher than that of Symbian, according to data provided by Net Applications.

Usage of Symbian dropped to 2.61% in August, while Windows Phone web usage came in at 2.69%.

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While this is only 0.07% more than its nearest neighbor, it is enough to give Microsoft’s mobile operating system the win. A long way to go for Windows Phone still, but the way it is picking up pace, it is only a matter of time.

Just for the record, Android tops these rankings with 45.01%, though iOS is not all that far behind with highly impressive figures of 44.34%.

Curiously, Java ME has a 3.77% market share, higher than both Symbian and Windows Phone, and showing that there still are users that browse the web on feature phones — even with the mobile revolution taking place all around the globe.

Statistics, they always surprise.

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  1. Only until WP has whatsapp and viber will I make the transition to it.

  2. Bigger and better is coming

  3. Good news for Windows Phone. Still a WAYS to go before they’re even approaching iOS or Android though. I’m rooting for it, but it seems like a long shot.

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