If there was ever proof that internally Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 are extraordinarily similar, it would be the lastest Windows Phone 8 error message.

The message courtesy of Mikko Hypponen shows that their Windows Phone 8 device reads the following message: “Windows Phone failed to boot. Please insert your Windows installation disc”

Now, before you wonder too much, yes this is real. No it wasn’t faked. The message has been reported by other users on the net as well. That said, it isn’t a message that everyday Windows Phone 8 users will ever see.

As it turns out, this error message seems to occur when things go wrong when trying to flash or mod your Windows Phone device for whatever reason. The message is coming from the Windows NT kernel and isn’t specifically meant or tailored for Windows Phone 8 users to receive.

In all honesty, no this isn’t the most significant news ever, but it does bring home the fact that NT is now under the hood of Windows Phone and this means that Windows Phone 8 is truly more powerful (and likely more flexible than ever before).

Considering some of the similarities between Windows Phone 8 hardware and Windows RT hardware, it also gets you wondering if it is possible that some genius hacker will eventually have a full version of Windows RT running on devices like the Nokia Lumia 920.

While a typical smartphone screen is probably too small for this to be useful, if the rumored Huawei 6.1-inch Windows Phone tablet is real– that would be awesome target for a Windows RT mod in the future.

Have any of our readers ever ran into any traditional Windows (Desktop) error screens when modding or flashing their Windows Phone 8 devices?

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  • ManorGeek

    Just goes to show how poorly written Windows Phone 8 is! I had my Nokia 920 for a week and took it back as Windows Phone 8 is so unstable and froze all the time, even the guy in the shop said its not a good phone or OS. Im going to stick with Android from now on as ive always found them quick and responsive and never crashes! Windows Phone is failing even more now and people still dont realise it! It will be discontinued sooner or later like Zune was thats for sure!!!

  • Some guy

    ManorGeek, you shouldn’t mod it anyway! If something goes wrong when modding a OS, It’s the users fualt.