Windows Phone, as a platform, has not been doing all that well since the start of the year. The app momentum has slowed down a tad, sales have dipped, and no new models were released.

All because of one thing — the delay in launch of Windows Phone 8.1.

The lack of new devices coupled with the launch of new flagships from the Android camp meant that things slowed down for Microsoft’s mobile operating system. But if these newest figures from Kantar are something to go by, the platform is mounting a comeback.

Take a look at the numbers for the past 12 weeks:


Obviously, the launch of Lumia 630, Lumia 635 and Lumia 930 seems to have improved the figures for Windows Phone. And the full impact is yet to be felt. These numbers are till June, and do not include data for this month.

Just a refresher, the market share of Windows Phone in Europe was hovering around the 8.4% mark about a quarter back, but Kantar claims that this number is now up to 8.8%. Growth.

Android, in the meantime, has reached 74%, while iOS came down to 15.3% from 17.5% at the end of June. This is probably a trend that will not continue.

Unfortunately, another trend that continues is the situation in the United States. Windows Phone had figure of 4.7% three months ago, and now the share on home turf is only at 3.8%. Glum.

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  • Mike Greenway

    wasn’t last months post something like “..the beginning of the decline for windows phone.” ?

    • WillyThePooh

      Comment monthly by monthly is meaningless. You have to look for a trend through multiple months.

      • Mike Greenway

        Exactly. We need a rational view or we are just going to run around saying “The sky is falling!”

      • Jason Claven

        I agree. The quarterly analysis and yearly reports will be much more helpful and significant data.

  • shinsenai

    Sometimes I have to check at the top of the page to see whether I’m on EyeOnWindows or CultOfMac. Windows Phone losing 0.2% (a statistical nothingness) in the US is “glum”, while iOS free-falling by 11% is nothing to worry about, just “a trend that will not continue”. LOL.

    • Mike Greenway

      I with You on this point but it is SOP here.