Google Android is the undisputed number one platform when it comes to mobile, with many pegging Apple iOS as still the second most popular OS the world over. For good reasons, surely.

But Windows Phone has been flying high since overtaking BlackBerry last year.

Flying high with so much traction, that the third most popular mobile operating platform in the world is now outperforming iOS in a number of countries — 24, in fact.

This new survey from Fortumo from December 2013 provides confirmation.

As the infographic below reveals, Windows Phone only outperformed iOS in 7 countries in March 2013, but the platform has made some serious strides by the end of last year. See for yourself:

A huge jump, in less than a year, at that.

The United States is not on this list, however, as Microsoft’s mobile platform only has a 4.8 percent market share there, compared to a very solid 40.8 percent for iOS. Then again, the US and China are often said to be the two most important markets, and Windows Phone will need time in both.

Some other markets where Windows Phone has found major success recently (like Romania) are also not included in this new survey.

Obviously, there are two big reasons why Microsoft’s mobile OS is so successful in these countries. One being the fact that Windows Phone offers carrier billing (allowing users the ability to easily purchase apps). And secondly, the smartphones are much more affordable than the iPhone.

With Windows Phone 8.1 right on the horizon, expect these numbers to increase even more.

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  1. This is good news. What countries other than the U.s is it not outselling iOS. This is not a surprise. Outside the U.S and China, people are a lot more intelligent and conscience of their purchases. We’re too affected by marketing, fanboyism, media, retail bias, and backdoor deals in the U.S. This is the type of information that needs to keep getting out because people want what they think is hot or what other people want

    • Mike Greenway / May 5, 2014 at 7:58 am /Reply

      Hi Ray. I live in the US and It isn’t the media that affects my decisions, I study the companies and buy for the one with the cutest CEO! (smiling yet?)

    • I get what you’re saying. I think there’s definitely truth to Americans buying into marketing and thinking that’s the best product. However, it’s hard to deny that Apple also has a very good and viable product in my opinion.

  2. Bill Franklin / May 5, 2014 at 9:08 am /Reply

    Not a surprise. Apple isn’t that big outside of the US. Plus, I think people view it as too expensive and more of an unknown than Americans do. Thanks to marketing and public perception.

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