Microsoft’s going all in with bringing the Windows Phone platform to more affordable price points, and it is only a matter of time the operating system solidifies its position as the second most popular choice.

And the efforts seem to be paying off.

You can add another region where Windows Phone has overtaken iOS, as statistics provided by IDC for the Brazilian market reveal that Microsoft’s solution performed really well in the third quarter of 2014. It even managed to dethrone Apple in the country — not that tough a job.

Unless you are asking about the home turf, United States.

Windows Phone seems to be at a standstill over there, but Brazilians have purchased a total of 15.1 million handsets in Q3 2014, which makes it an increase of 11% compared to the previous quarter and an inspiring 49% over the same period in 2013.

Android still leads the chart with 91%, though, meaning Windows Phone and iOS are only battling for the remaining 9% of the market.

Well, you can add BlackBerry too, jut for the sake of prudence, if you want.

But all said and done, the key for success in Brazil is offering buyers access to cheap and affordable devices with decent hardware specifications.

There’s also the case of the taxes and high prices in the country for electronic devices. The iPhone 6, for example, can be purchased in Brazil for around $1,200 for the 16GB model. For comparison, the Lumia 930 is available for approximately $650.

Discounts and promotions making it even more affordable, so there’s the magic formula.

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