Windows Phone 8 hasn’t been out very long, but it seems to already be picking up the pace when it compares to Windows Phone 7. Most Windows Phone 8 smartphones out on the market are already being sold out left and right, though some say this is because Microsoft’s partners didn’t prepare enough stock to begin with. Even Gartner concedes that Windows Phone is on the rise.

According to the firm, between July and September of 2012, Microsoft’s share of the smartphone market was 2.4 percent. This is a big increase compared to last year, where it was at 1.5 percent. Worldwide, 4.058 million Windows phones were sold in the third quarter, versus 1.7 million looking at the same quarter last year.

Sure, that’s not a ton of people when compared to the 122 million Android-based smartphnes sold worldwide during Q3, but it’s a start. There is also something REALLY important to consider with this growth, this is all pre-Windows Phone 8. The improvement for Microsoft’s mobile OS sales has been relying on existing Windows Phone 7 and older Windows Mobile devices.

Windows Phone 8 is already seeming to do well and is bringing in tons of new apps that otherwise were never seen on Windows Phone 7. This means that the trend can only increase. It’s hard to say by how much, but it is clear that Microsoft has a good shot at solidifying its position in the market as third place alternative to iOS and Android devices.

That being said, there is certainly competition for this place in the market from the upcoming Mozilla Firefox OS and RIM Blackberry 10. While I doubt Mozilla will make much of a dent and will largely be a niche OS, BB10 is readying 100,000 apps for launch and still has strong support in some parts of the world, such as in parts of Asia.

Microsoft has a few things that really work to their advantage against would-be new competitors, though. First, Microsoft has deep pockets that it is already putting into strong marketing, something Mozilla and RIM both really can’t do as well. Second, Microsoft has several months as a head start in the market.

What do you think of Windows Phone 8? Will it finally manage to solidify Microsoft’s place in the mobile market or not?

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