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Recent numbers from ABI Research have confirmed that despite growing sales, Windows Phone still has around 3 percent of the global market share around the world.

But there is no doubt that Microsoft’s platform is quickly attracting users.

Windows Phone is now moving closer to overtake iOS in more markets around the globe, including another important European market. Belgium.

This report from a local source confirms that Windows Phone now enjoys a 12 percent market share in the country, and it is steadily inching closer to the 19 percent market that the iPhone has in Belgium.

Provided more magic happen, it should easily become the second most popular choice this year.

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In fact, Microsoft themselves have confirmed this surge, saying that the 12 percent slice of the pie in Belgium has now pushed the country among the top 10 in the list of markets where Windows Phone enjoys popularity among end users.

Speaking of 10 percent, some more markets in Europe where Windows Phone is close to entering into double figures are places like the UK, Germany and France.

This, to go with markets like Brazil, Mexico, Russia and India, where the platform already has a solid following means that the mobile OS has some vital traction going for it.

And with the release of Windows Phone 8.1 (and newer devices), it will only grow.

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  1. Mike Greenway / May 13, 2014 at 9:01 am /Reply


  2. Good move. Windows Phone needs to take over foreign markets before they attack the US, which is dominated my droid and apple thanks to marketing.

  3. It’s amazing what happens in places that are not led by fads, trends, hype, and marketing. Windows Phone needs to take over in Africa, Europe, and Asia. Hopefully they will finally crack China

    • Kelsy Martin / May 13, 2014 at 2:09 pm /Reply

      You’re right there. A lot of countries will have Windows Phone rise before that trend comes to the US. I wouldn’t hold your breath over China after the news today regarding switching for XP to Linux.

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