Slow, steady and then stupendous. Microsoft’s mobile platform is on this sensible strategy, and while it still has around 4 percent of the market to its name, the signs of growth are massive.

According to the latest numbers released by ABI Research, Windows Phone is really starting to come into its own, with growth of no less than 104 percent year-on-year in the fourth and final quarter of this past year.

From the adequate total of 5.3 million units in Q4 a couple of years back, to 10.9 million units in the same quarter last year. This is also an improvement from the 9.1 million units that changed hands in the third quarter of 2013.

So year-on-year growth of 104 percent, to go with a quarter-on-quarter climb of 19 percent.


The above report also highlights how forked Android devices (AOSP) have come in for a total shipment of 71 million units — cornering around 25 percent of the market. Certified Android smartphones accounted for a 52 percent market share as a result.

These are the ones with Google services loaded on top, so the growth of AOSP handsets is a genuine bit of concern for the search engine giant.

Apple witnessed a small growth of 7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013 (goes on to show just how quickly Windows Phone is growing), signaling that the premium segment is fast approaching market saturation. Understandable, many would say.

BlackBerry, on the other hand, was good enough for just 1 percent slice of the pie, managing to move 4.3 million units, coming in at a year-on-year decline of 54 percent. Radical.

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  1. Bill Franklin / April 7, 2014 at 1:11 pm /Reply

    Slow and steady, Windows phone. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get there. This growth is positive news.

  2. Regardless of how substantial the growth truly is, being able to say 104% growth makes people think you’re successful. Hard to argue with 104% lol

  3. AOSP the only one with a bigger percent growth in the quarter. That’s good news. Now they just need to past AOSP next quarter.

  4. A long way to go still, but it has really taken over Blackberry’s spot as the third phone in the market. The competition is real.

  5. Pretty nice jump. I’m sure Redmond is gunning for double digit share of the market, though. The next couple of years will obviously be key.

  6. I know it’s the case, but it’s amazing to see how far ahead Android is over the iPhone. Puts those iPhone people into their own reality. Windows could catch them!

  7. With WP8.1 coming out, more phone makers making Windows Phone, universal apps, the business features added to WP, and probably more apps that will be out or updated by the end of the year; I fully expect another 100% growth next year. Kind of surprised Apple on grew 7%, but it’s strange America is the only country where Apple seems to have such an entrenched presence in all types of devices.

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