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They said that China and the United States were the two most important markets. They also said that these were the countries Windows Phone really had to conquer to gain some admiration.

And sadly these two are the just the markets where Microsoft’s mobile platform is faltering.

The newest numbers are in, and it seems that Windows Phone has continued its impressive European ascent. The mobile OS is still ranked number three worldwide, and while it strengthened its position overall, there are no signs that it is an immediate threat to iOS.

Overall, though, the market share of Windows Phone in Europe has gone up from 6.9 percent last year to 8.4 percent this year. This is, according to the latest market share numbers from research firm Kantar, for the three months ending in April 2014.

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However, this much is certain that users in the Old Continent are much more willing to try out and make the switch to Windows Phone, as opposed to the ones in the United States.

Microsoft’s market share in the home country dropped to just 4.7 percent this year, compared to 5.6 percent last year. The biggest reason for this 0.9 percent dip? Why, the lack of new devices, of course. Nokia and friends were waiting for Windows Phone 8.1 to launch new handsets.

The situation isn’t much better in China — in fact, it is much worse.

Windows Phone dropped to the lows of 0.8 percent in April 2014, from the relatively stable highs of 2.2 percent last year in the largest smartphone market on the globe.

Much to ponder for Microsoft, then.

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  1. Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod / May 26, 2014 at 12:01 pm /Reply

    Microsoft should be more proactive with Windows Phone. They don’t need to sit and wait after the purchase. Release phone on all carriers. With accessories at the time of launch. Etc.

  2. Still have a little buffer time because of the Nokia acquisition and new handsets. However, if this doesn’t turn around within the next few months, it’s definitely trouble for the Windows Phone.

    • Ditto. Windows Phone needs to make a major push before 2015 or they will be stuck in the position they’re in for awhile. Big stretch for the company here.

  3. Everyone has short-term dips. They will be fine as long as they really push the platform the rest of this year and going into 2015. Microsoft needs to be active and aggressive. Their needs to be phones on all carriers. And I do mean ALL carriers. AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-mobile aren’t the only place people in the U.S. go to buy a phone. Also, China’s biggest carrier is not their only one. They need to saturate every nook and cranny of the phone world, just like Android does. They also need to offer some incentive to OEMS to make sure they stand behind and push their devices. And of course they need to keep the updates to WP8.1 coming.

  4. Mike Greenway / May 27, 2014 at 9:18 am /Reply

    Globally the numbers are up, but lets concentrate on the negative. I’m glad that strategy make You happy, I doesn’t do much for me.

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