IDC is back with some more mobile forecasts, and the market research firm believes that Windows Phone sales are set for a surge within the next few years.

A surge that would see it tripling sales by 2018.

Microsoft continues to heavily invest in Windows Phone, and according to this report, all these efforts would start paying off in the very near future. A lot could change in a few years, and the platform will attract more users thereby increasing its share of the mobile market.

In the words of Ramon Llamas, Research Manager with IDC’s Mobile Phones team:

“Apple’s approach with premium pricing ensures a growing portion of overall revenues despite its declining market share. Meanwhile, Android’s multi-faceted approach – with forked versions and low-cost Android One strategy – will produce mixed results, yet it allows deeper penetration into emerging markets.”

The research firm claims that Windows Phone is on track to at least double its market share by 2018, and buyers will start choosing devices powered by Microsoft software ahead of rivals.

Rivals like Android and iOS.

Both will continue to hold first and second position, though both will see some dips in market shares overall. Google’s solution, for example, is estimated to hold 80% of the market.

Down from the 82.3% share it enjoys right now.

On the other hand, iOS will also lose a percentage point, and end up at 12.8% by 2018, down from the market share of 13.8% that it currently has to its name. Having said that, both Android and iOS will continue growing and adding more users.

It’s only that these new additions will not help with market share percentages.

Microsoft will gain the most from these mixed results, with the Windows Phone platform have a sure shot to make its mark in the next few years. It is currently good for 2.7% of the market, but by 2018, it is expected to reach 5.6% worldwide.

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