Let’s start the week with some talk about Microsoft’s mobile platform. The lack of flagship devices has started to affect Windows Phone share, with shipments likely to drop.

No new flagship smartphones are planned for the start of 2015, and the next few months are going to be quite a bit troublesome for the Lumia lineup in particular — and the overall Windows Phone ecosystem in general.

Microsoft is knee deep in its affordable devices strategy, but the fact remains that even though entry level Lumia smartphones are well made, they still do not provide the price to performance ratio of similarly priced android handsets.

And this, according to a new report, will mean that Windows Phone will fight a losing battle.

At while the rollout of the next version of the operating system is only expected in late 2015, Redmond appears to be planning to unveil new flagship handsets only when Windows Phone 10 is ready for action, which is a summer prospect at best.

Only if the development goes according to plan, at that.

Redmond is working on a bunch of new phones, though, almost all of them targeting the budget segment of the market, and the company would be hoping that these affordable devices keep the momentum going.

We’ll find out soon enough if they do.

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  1. I don’t know why Microsoft want’s to wait for the Windows 10 release before releasing new high end phones. They should keep the flow going.

  2. wrong.

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