Windows Phone Slightly Increases Its Market Share In The US

Although the Windows Phone platform is on the rise in Europe and some other select markets, things have been a bit stale in its home turf. The latest status update from the United States shows the same old story.

Microsoft’s mobile operating system has slightly increased its share in the US market, according to the newest insights from ComScore — which is positive news, considering some previous surveys showed that the market share decreased in the first two to three months of the year.

Blame it on the Windows Phone 8.1 delay, and the lack of devices.

Plus the fact that both Microsoft and Nokia were focused on completing the acquisition deal.

Anyway, with all that out the way, Redmond is now expected to announced and launch a number of new smartphones in the coming months. In fact, the first Windows Phone 8.1 handsets are actually available in the form of Lumia 630 and friends.



Getting back to the survey, a total of 168 million people in the United States own smartphones, and out of these around 3.3% prefer Windows Phone handsets. This makes for a slight increase from the 3.2% that owned Windows Phone devices at the start of the year.

Overall, it comes down to no less than 5.5 million people in the US running Windows Phone handsets.

The United States smartphone market is highly competitive, and when it comes to hardware sales, Apple still dominates with a 41.4% market share. Samsung follows with 27.7% and then comes LG with 6.5%.

Just 6.5%, that is.

Android is the clear winner in terms of platform share, with 52.5%, and iOS, as mentioned above, has a solid 41.4% slice of the pie in the United States. Windows Phone, again, 3.3%, while BlackBerry saw a dip from 3.1% in January to 2.5% in April.

  • Leonard

    Every month or so a new report comes out and indicates windows phone slightly increases its share. The good news if that continues to happen, their share will be significant. Slowly but surely.

  • Ray C

    Windows Phone 8.1 needs to come out, and all these devices need to come out as well. But Microsoft has to keep bringing it. iOS 8 is out, and I’m sure more things are coming from Android. Their focus still needs to be more on getting the phones all every carrier in the U.S.