Windows Phone Slows Down In Europe, China And The US

Windows Phone Slows Down In Europe, China And The US

In some other reality, Kantar might have been the name of a fantasy creature. But luckily, Kantar Worldpanel is then name of a company that brings us the latest statistics from around the globe.

The research firm has released the newest market share figures for May 2014.

And Windows Phone, Microsoft’s mobile operating system that managed to do so well over the past few quarters has slowed down, dropping to the market share lows of 8.1% — still good enough for top three, behind Android and iOS with 73.3% and 16.6% respectively.


This is far cry from the 10 percent slice in five big European markets (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) that the mobile OS managed at the start of the year.

However, compared to the same month a year ago, Windows Phone grew its overall share by 1%, which is to say that Microsoft’s mobile operating system powered 7.1% of all smartphones in these top five European markets back then.

The report further reveals that Windows Phone has lost ground in the two more important markets.

Year on year, the platform dropped from 3% market share to only 0.6% in China, while the corresponding figures in the United States dipped from 4.7% to 3.8% percent.

One can imagine the achievements of Huawei in China these past few months had a lot to do with this.

Now with Windows Phone 8.1 almost out of the gates, there is every chance that the platform will grow faster than before. Several new smartphones are on track for release, particularly in developing markets around the globe. One can hope for a much better showing before the year is out.

You can read up on the full details in this PDF document that Kantar has released.

  • JohnnyB

    The drop in China is to be expected given all the anti-Microsoft propaganda the government has been spewing over there. The other ones are a little disconcerting.

    • Paul Jefferson

      A sad truth. Although, Windows Phone continues to grow its share in Great Britain and France, so that’s an encouraging sign for the foreign markets.

  • Misterbear Fapp

    Your customers think you’re sitting on technology, and they’re probably right. Microsoft/Nokia haven’t been listening to what their customers want, and new products and updates are coming too slow to the market.

  • Ray C

    Of course Windows Phone is going to drop for now. Look how long 8.1 took to be officially announced for release. People are waiting for both the new phones and the new OS. And honestly I haven’t seen a lot of Windows Phone advertising lately. Talk to me when these new phones come out, and people really start pushing them. Microsoft needs to make sure they, OEMs, and carriers all play a big part in pushing the platform as the year goes on.