Joe Belfiore is a terribly likeable fellow, and judging by his comments below, also a terribly honest one. The head of Microsoft’s Windows Phone division said in an interview today that the mobile operating system still lacks some key apps.

And this, according to the senior executive is a bit of a problem.

Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 GDR3 earlier today (now known as Update 3) and along with the official confirmation rolled out a new program for developers with the intention of providing them earlier and faster access to OS updates so they can cook up their apps ahead of time.

The company surely knows that things have been moving too slowly on the updates front, and when it comes to addition of new features to Windows Phone.

But in his chat with AllThingsD, Belfiore did say that Microsoft is moving faster than what some people may think in adding features to the mobile OS. He also opined that the new changes in Update 3 will go a long way in helping Windows Phone expand its reach in new, unexplored markets:

“The work we are doing is valuable, and a lot of people aren’t aware of it.”

Still, when it comes to key apps, there is much work to be done. He was not exactly specific on which apps he would like to see released for the platform, but there are a number of official clients that are still nowhere to be seen on the Windows Phone store, like Instagram and Vine.

Some quality unofficial solutions have popped up, though.

Surely the best way to go about this is ensuring that Windows Phone is more attractive to app developers. And with announcements like today, Microsoft might be able to do just that.

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  1. New apps are coming every day, and I expect the big ones like Instagram will be there at some point

  2. Feedly, Flipboard, Ignition, ozTV, a real IMDB app, News360, soundhound, VLC, a decent dropbox, Pulse, all MIA

  3. As there are more and more WP users, I am soon those key app developers will jump in.

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