Windows Phone Store Crosses 3 Billion Downloads, Microsoft Confirms

While the Windows Store is steadily find its footing, Microsoft’s other app repository is now well and truly in second gear. The Windows Phone Store recently saw plenty of action this past week with several official clients, including Instagram, marking their arrival.

And to celebrate the occasion, Redmond has unleashed some new numbers and statistical data.

According to the company, the Windows Phone Store has now whizzed past the 3 billion downloads mark. The first billion milestone was, obviously, the slowest, but things picked up considerably for the second billion app download. And this third billion happened pretty much in a snap.

This noticeable increase in activity is helped by more than 10 million Windows Phone app transactions occurring every day, in all markets combined.

Microsoft also indicated that there are around 190,000 unique apps available on the Windows Phone Store at this time, with an average of 500 new apps added to the store daily.

All of this is no doubt helped by the increase in sales of Nokia smartphones the world over. Just in North America, for instance, sales have gone up by no less than 366 percent in the past year. In Europe shipments are up by 48 percent, while annual growth in the third quarter came in at 178 percent.

Now all we need to go with these encouraging numbers is for this trend to continue.