Third party sources might be keeping an eye on the Windows Store and how many apps it houses, but this is rarely the case with the Windows Phone Store apps repository.

Meaning, we have to rely on official Microsoft numbers for some statistical fun.

Brace for some good news, then, as the newest figures are in. And the count on the Windows Phone Store has now reached 255,000. This information was recently revealed by Steve Lewis, Microsoft’s General Manager, Mobile Devices for Australia and New Zealand.

While still logically behind Google’s and Apple’s app repositories, Windows Phone Store is, at least, ahead of the Amazon Appstore that hit the 240,000 mark not so long ago.

And when it comes to popular applications, Steve says that users really seem to prefer Microsoft and Nokia solutions because of their high quality:

“What’s really exciting to see is while top apps like Instagram, Vine and Halo continue to perform in store consumers also love our exclusive apps.

Whether it’s free navigation services with HERE Drive and HERE Maps, social sharing apps like Nokia Storyteller and Nokia Beamer or the latest in video and camera technology with Nokia Camera and Nokia Refocus, our aim is to deliver a much more personal, unique app experience to Nokia Lumia users.”

Need some more figures?

Well, there is also confirmation that the store now gets over 10 million daily downloads, to go with around 500 new apps per day. Positive improvements, through and through.

But that is to be expected when you consider that Microsoft now has an army of more than 510,000 registered Windows Phone developers that publish applications on the Windows Phone Store.

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  1. Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod / June 24, 2014 at 12:47 pm /Reply

    Windows Phone and Windows might have just under a half a million apps altogether.

  2. Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing more universal apps.

  3. Very impressive statistics. It appears as though the store is continuing to grow. 10 million daily downloads is extremely magnificent and nothing to sneeze at. Nice info!

  4. Redmond has to be pleased. The Windows Phone Store is growing quicker and quicker every quarter now. Eye-opening improvement as far as I’m concerned.

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