When it comes to purchasing Windows Phone apps, do you prefer to do it within the Phone Store or do you like to surf for apps directly from the Windows Phone Store website? If went with the latter, you’ll be pleased to know that Microsoft has made some improvements to the Windows Phone Store website.

First off, they added 37 new international markets to the list. Next, there are several overall improvements such as how search works. The Web Store can also now allow Windows Phone apps to be installed on SD cards.

Any other changes? The My Phone section of the website now allows users to reinstall apps they have purchased in the past. This is perfect if you are upgrading to a new device, or heaven forbid– you lose/break your current handset.

While I liked Windows Phone 7, it seems that Microsoft is taking a much more aggressive and active approach with Windows Phone 8. Constant improvements, quality apps and better marketing all highlight many of the reasons why I personally feel Windows Phone 8 stands a stronger chance in the marketplace than WP7 ever did.

What about you, do you like the new changes to the Windows Phone Store website, and the change coming to Windows Phone in general?

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