Microsoft is busily and hurriedly adding new features in Windows Phone, some of which have already floated up in rumors and hearsay. Redmond now has a policy of staying quiet on future enhancements, after all, so this is business as usual.

Anyway, we just learnt that Windows Phone 8.1 will bring a File Manager once it starts landing on compatible handsets in the second quarter of the year.

Now it appears that this flavor of Microsoft’s mobile OS will also come with a couple of new options. One is the ability to close apps by flicking on the screen — similar to how users are able to do this now on Windows 8 devices.

And the other is improved support for microSD cards that will provide the possibility of storing apps and files (including mail attachments) on these memory cards. The ability to store and run apps on external storage will surely be a big convenience for users.

As this report suggests these new enhancements will certainly improve the user experience on Windows Phone 8.1, when they arrive with the update next year.

Microsoft has not officially confirmed availability just yet. However, things are moving fast on the mobile front for the company, and hopefully an official confirmation is not that far away.

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  • Ray C

    This is some great stuff coming. Now I’m really looking forward to getting a Windows Phone in the future and the merger of RT and Phone.