Windows Phone Threshold Codename Floats Up

With all the hoopla about the Windows Phone 8.1 roll out, it is easy to overlook the fact that Microsoft is probably well into development of the next version of its mobile operating platform.

Still very early days, of course, but there have been some rumors about the future of Windows Phone.

And the latest one to surface is that the company has labeled the next major upgrade as Threshold. As in Windows Phone Threshold.

Currently there are a number of people at Redmond that are working on this new version of the mobile operating system. Some have even included this information in their CVs on LinkedIn. Take this fine chap for example. This is what is mentioned in the CV:

“Designed and shipped Reading View for Windows Phone 8.1
Designing and planning new features for vNext on IE 11+ for Windows and Windows Phone Threshold.”

Here is the visual proof:


Now, obviously, Threshold is not a new name.

This codename has been associated with the next version of Windows, which is called Windows Threshold. But it now appears that this is actually the common name for the platform — on desktop, tablets and smartphones.

Microsoft has been planning a convergence of its platforms, for quite some time now, and signs are that the company is now one step closer to achieving that.

  • Chaser

    I wonder if someone is going to get in trouble for putting this information online. Either way, I’m glad there’s a new phone software to look forward to.

  • CaraMa

    Should we expect a total overhaul or just slight improvements/changes from 8.1?

  • Ray C

    Looking forward to it as well as all the 8.1 GDR

  • Yorker

    Better to name the OS than just calling it something like 8.1 in my opinion. This way it sticks in people’s minds better. I hope it’s called threshold upon release.