Windows Phone US Market Share Increases To 3.4%

Windows Phone US Market Share Increases To 3.4%

Enough with the single digit figures, already! One can still term this as a positive showing, as Windows Phone remains one of few major mobile operating systems that is increasing its market share.

But it is the sluggish pace that is the real concern here. More so at home turf.

Windows Phone seems to have built up a solid presence in Europe and a few other developing countries across the globe, but its market share in the key United States market is going up very slowly. And has been for quite some time.

The latest figures from comScore are in, and they point to a slight increase for Microsoft’s platform in the United States, while Android, BlackBerry and Symbian, all dropped by a shade.

Apple came in as the top smartphone manufacturer in the country, with an OEM market share of 42.1%. Android, on the other hand, remained the number one OS, with a 51.9% share.

Since March 2014, the US smartphone market surged by around 4% to 173 million users.

Windows Phone came in at 3.4%, up from 3.3% back in March, so the platform only gained 0.1% overall, which translates to roughly 136,000 new Windows Phone users in the United States — abysmal, some may say, for a three month period.

But then again, few new handsets were launched in the wait for Windows Phone 8.1.

With the slew of new Windows Phone smartphones that are making their way to the market, one can make a case that the mobile operating system will post much better numbers in the next few quarters. Microsoft really needs to get to that 10% figure. Fast.

  • Ray C

    I don’t really see the point. I’m not sure the problem is the lack of growth in the U.S. People in America simply have Apple on the brain. They eat up any crap Apple feeds them like hotcakes. They almost think Apple can do no wrong. On the flip side of that, the U.S. is the home base of the illogical Microsoft haters. As a person whose worked in IT for almost 2 decades, I’ve witnessed anti-Microsoft rhetoric almost every where I’ve gone that has no real basis in facts or isn’t independent to Microsoft.

    • pirate78

      OK, Apple is not crap, and it’s not about “Apple can do no wrong” either. They are not the greatest at what they do, but were the first to create a functional echo system. Because of that people continue to buy Apple products as they are already heavily invested in. Unfortunately, Apple’s early success had given birth to zealots who took the success of a company and twisted it into a status of pride, disdaining all who expressed any interest in the “inferior” platforms belonging to competitors. They belittled any advancements and achievements the other companies such as Google (Android) and Microsoft (Windows/RT/WP) had achieved…and the fanboyism wars wage on to this day. By the way, this is not isolated to Apple. Android is going through the same thing and so is Windows. Success breeds followers full of pride who consider themselves better then those who do not agree with them. Its a human issue really :).

      As for Windows Phone growth, this is great news. Love this mobile OS and am looking forward to its further development and maturing as it has been as of late with 8.1 and 8.1 update 1. With every update they have managed to add something new, exciting and functional. Really happy with the way this OS is differentiating itself from the rest. For example, the simple addition of Live Folders. Not just standard folders with icons of programs in ’em, instead you have the freedom to re-size live tiles and move them to the desired positions within a folder thus creating a collage of information unique to that folder. That is certainly different. I have not seen anything like that on any other system. Good for Microsoft.

      …look, all’s I’m say’n is WP is just the best 😉

      • Robert Kegel

        I think one way Microsoft MIGHT be able to fix this is to have a champagne that basically says “if you’re in another ecosystem and are looking to switch to Windows phone we’ll give you the apps your phone has for free (if they’re available). When you go to buy your phone they can make a system that can audit what apps you have on your phone and see if those apps are available on Windows Phone and then give you those apps for free.

        This would do two things.
        1) It would make it easy and a no brainer for people who want to switch.
        2) They can have the program send which apps aren’t available to Microsoft so they know what apps most people use from other OS’ and would know what apps they need to have developed.

    • Robert W. Burnham

      Any time I hear someone talking bad about a Microsoft product, I ask them for details behind their opinion. Only one person has come back with legitimate, thoughtful criticisms. The rest have no facts or experience to back up the hatred.

      Windows Phone 8 as it is now is an excellent mobile phone OS, much as the Zune was an excellent portable media player. The problem is that Microsoft was too late to the party. I could argue that Windows Phone 8 is better than Android and iOS, but it would not matter because so many people are already part of the Apple and Google ecosystem. They have their phones and apps as they like and there is little reason for them to uproot and move to another type of phone.

      I hope Windows Phone continues to grow. The OS is improving all the time and is definitely a worthy option.